Law 25 - New provisions protecting personal information

Main obligations on the protection of personal data.

Since September 2022, our company has been required to appoint a person responsible for the protection of personal information and publish his title and contact details on our website.


In the event of a privacy incident, we must maintain a record of all incidents. If the protection of your privacy is called into question, rapid measures will be taken to reduce the risk of harm being caused to the persons concerned. Our company must also notify the Commission and the persons concerned of any incident presenting a serious risk of harm.


We must comply with the new framework applicable to the communication of personal information without the consent of the person concerned in the context of a commercial transaction or for the purposes of study, research or the production of statistics.

Contact details of responsible personnel.

Main responder

M. Martin Bilodeau – General manager


Second responder

M. Benoit Gagnon – IT manager

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